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My name is Beata, I have an economic education, I was professionally involved in the real estate market and banking. The question is obvious - where does the fashion come from? As is often the case, my adventure with fashion started by accident and I had no plans for a longer relationship with it. It was 2014, Summer, when the first ruffled dress was made.

As a designer and manufacturer I try to make byCabo clothes emphasize the style and uniqueness of each woman. From the beginning, the core of the brand was to create different, original clothes, not only for one season, but only good quality. That is why byCabo dresses are sewn in Polish sewing factories, which know the tailoring craft well and employ professionals. I choose noble fabrics such as silk and wool as well as natural fabrics for production.

During these several years, the brand has been appreciated by stylists, fashion magazines, and above all, it has gained a constantly growing group of consumers in Poland and abroad. They give me the most satisfaction and joy in what I do.


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